In The News – Medical marijuana approved for 3 additional medical conditions in Connecticut

Medical marijuana has been approved for three new medical conditions, while two others were rejected, Consumer Protection Commissioner Michelle H. Seagull announced Friday.

Seagull said in a press release that she had followed the Consumer Protection Department’s Board of Physicians’ recommendations to add hydrocephalus with intractable headache, intractable migraines and trigeminal neuralgia to the list of conditions for which doctors may certify patients.

Since the program opened to patients in September 2014, the list of approved conditions has grown from 11 to 22 for adults, as well as six for children. [Read more…]

Cannabis and PTSD

Cannabis and PTSD

Good Morning Everyone.  I hope all is well with you.

I’ve been meaning to talk more about how cannabis helps me, specifically with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  I’m compassionate about cannabis, because using cannabis medically to treat my condition has allowed me to change my life for the better.  War is not pretty and I don’t know anyone that would disagree.  I don’t blame my condition on anyone and if I could change anything in my past, it probably would be to go back for at least one more tour.  Sounds crazy I bet, but what people don’t understand is the relationships and dedication the military nurtures.  I’ve lost friends and I’ve had friend’s injured. Even when my life was in danger, I really never thought about myself, but more about those around me. [Read more…]

Trip to Hartford!

Good Morning Everyone!

It’s almost time for a trip to Hartford. Finally, the weather is starting to feel like winter around here in Connecticut.  Last week, it was easy to decide to stay inside, medicate, and watch a movie after shoveling out from the snow.  Next week, regardless of the weather if you can, you should join the Dabbin Dad crew in Hartford to execute your civil rights.  Let your State Representatives know how you feel concerning HB 5314, an act concerning the regulation and taxation of the retail sale and cultivation of marijuana for use by persons twenty-one years of age or older.

The hearing is set to happen in Hartford, CT.  The exact date and time is soon to be announced, but is slated between February 22-24, 2017.

I’ve lived in Connecticut for the majority of my life.  After my military service, I returned to Connecticut to start my family be close to loved ones.  The state has never truly rebounded from the economic recession for many, we are inevitably faced with future tax hikes on all levels in order to correct the deficit.  There has been rumors of building toll booths on our already congested highways as well as a way to generate new state income.  Cannabis can create jobs, tax revenues, and stimulate the economy here in Connecticut.

As cannabis patients, [Read more…]

Everyone coughs from time to time

Everyone coughs from time to time when they medicate.

Anyone who knows me and I’ve had the pleasure to sesh with, knows that I cough regardless. I even joke about it regularly, “Makes me feel alive. Hahaha.” I medicate daily, so let’s say I don’t have virgin lungs. Sometimes, people joke about it being my first time smoking. Not everyone acclimates to smoking. Our lungs are not designed to process smoke. We all should understand that smoking is not healthy long term. If it’s really a concern for you, edibles are always an option. Vaping, theoretically, is a healthier alternative for delivering THC compared to combustion.

So why does cannabis make someone cough? It can be many things. I like the act of smoking my cannabis and the different high I obtain. It’s about the peace of mind for me. I originally tried vaping, but found it not to be the same experience as smoking. My coughing continued as well, possibly because I felt the need to take longer and heavier pulls. I could pull on a vape all day and not get the same desired effect as hitting a bong or joint, but everyone is different. [Read more…]

Legal Weed Series – The Grey Market of the Green Rush

The Grey Market of Cannabis

Legal Weed: The Grey Market of the Green Rush

By Mark M. Ward

In regards to the legal cannabis industry in much of the country, there is still a seedy market; no pun intended. Initially the affluent protected their markets from being made obsolete by cannabis. The lesser percent have taken the upper hand from the cartels and they now form the laws and create regulations. Consequently, they are the only individuals and “corporations” that are able to comply with legal cannabis regulations. Hence the wealthy control the effects of supply and demand, and thus the market. Aspiring canna-businessmen and canna-businesswomen are finding that they are forced to jump through preposterous hoops (regulations, codes, taxes, $$$$), so the average person cannot take part in dispensing, cultivating or any other facets of the industry.

Most banks will not lend to a cannabis business so the use of “private investing” [Read more…]